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Awesome! :D

That was (is lol) so sweet! ^^ I really like your style of animation! Keep up the great work! :D 5/5!

WOW! ^_^

I watched It again several times (because I first seen this some time ago and I loved It!) The hole series of ''There She Is!'' is something more to just explain It in words! It's the best series I have ever seen that really makes me think so much about It...I could watch it over and over again! I can't explain how I feel when watching this, It's like I'm restless all the time but in a good way! Storyline is touching and makes me feel the hole situation through.....And the music Is awesome, the animation goes very great with the song! It would be so awesome If You would make something more like this , seriously! =^^= 10/10/ 5/5! Truly a genius work!

Omg lolz!

Ou lol! This is so funny! XD Every moment was funny and exciting to watch! 5/5! :D Truly amazing! ^_^

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Super great!

This is so Awesome!.....thou i can't figure out how to get that code to go further in that house in the forest :( ....i don't have a clue ( Can someone ho finished this game at least give me a hint how i can find it out?? pleeease! =3 ) But this game is still great and would deserve more then 10! 10/10 & 5/5!


I remembered that i tried to win this game a loooong time ago but couldn't even do the first part lol. but i finally found this and finished it.....barley. Great game but very hard. :D 5/5!

funny lol!

The music in the end was funny XD and the game was pretty good

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kyaaaa! ^â-¡^

So pretty! â-* â-¡ â-* Ou and I love how this looks in the game! Nice work! she's so cute 5/5! :3

Yay! Cuteness!

This is from Project Diva right? whell...this is soo super cuuuuuute! ^_^ 10/10 5/5

Hello! I like to watch anime, read manga and play video games. ovo I also like to make cute art so that is pretty much what I do. Yup.

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